By Pinhead Productions


The ARTmaker app by Pinhead Productions is a Saskatchewan-made digital software application for both the iPad and iPhone (in press). It was conceived and developed for digital and creative art making and visual learning that is intuitive, inspiring and by its design simplicity, accessible to everyone.

The ARTMaker app was initially designed primarily to enable and enhance visual learning and human creativity using the iPad, a newly available portable technology. It was designed with the intention to make digital drawing tools more accessible than the complex and very expensive computer applications available.

With the increase in the use of technologies by individual learners, by institutions, families and communities, the developers of ARTMaker intended to make what appear to be complex visual processes and skills universally accessible and transparent, with a visual learning tool that is easy to use and provides immediate, positive, personally-rewarding visual results that may be shared in several ways (printing, e-mailing, storing and sharing, storing and transforming, displaying digitally, displaying in print) and also stored as a storyboard of personal learning and development for replay, reflection and further use and development.

ARTmaker app models, and thus visually teaches, the concepts of visual learning, first, – the elements of visual art – line, shape, colour, texture, form, space, value and transparency.

It employs and invites the understanding of principles of design – proportion, scale, unity, variety, harmony, pattern, rhythm, symmetry and balance. All of these features combine to become responsive to learner needs and goals.

ARTmaker app invites users to explore and direct themselves in the production and creation of idea and the making of meaning.

ARTmaker app, an application for the Apple iPad (and iPhone – in press) provides access for people of all ages to a means for intuitively creating, manipulating and using visual images. By its design, ARTMaker is an image-making invitation for not only professional artists and high school art majors, but offers welcoming opportunities to young children and community and introduces digital means to be creative with image production for those who have always wanted to make art but who assumed a need of complex skills or experience with art materials.



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