Super Stickman Golf

By Noodlecake Studios



✔ "Super Stickman Golf is my new Angry Birds!" -MTV
✔ "One of the best platforming games on the iPhone" -Gamepro
✔ "A perfect 5-star rating. This is a near-flawless sequel" -Macworld
✔ "One of my favourite games!" -Toucharcade
✔ "Definitely a must grab title" -Appspy
✔ "My favorite game of all time for the iDevice" -iPhoneAlley
✔ "A smash hit physics-based puzzle game with a golf mechanic" -Appadvice
✔ "It’s still a complete blast!" -Tapscape
✔ "It’s is a total winner. Once you play it you’ll be hooked." -Slapapp


Super Stickman Golf is no ordinary game, it’s actually an award winning, 2-D, physics puzzler! Warning: Once you pick up this game, you may not be able to put it down. With over 240 crazy courses and a variety of insane power ups you will definitely never play "golf" the same again..

Ever wanted to freeze those pesky water hazards? Ever wanted to stick your shots on walls and ceilings? Ever wanted to stop your shot in mid-air? Well now you can!


Super Stickman Golf

Noodlecake Studios
iPhone | iPad